All About The Bike And Hike Trail In Houston, Texas

All About The Bike And Hike Trail In Houston, Texas

In any large city, most of the people that move there initially do it for the employment opportunities, the jobs. After they reach a certain level in their lives, then they start placing more importance on other factors like livability. The things that make a city livable to the various different kinds of residents are varied but they start with education, parks, bike paths, security, entertainment, and events. Here is a quick summary of the best bike paths in Houston, Texas and how to connect to more.

Houston Is A Huge City Geographically

You might be surprised to learn that in square miles, Houston, Texas is the largest city in the US even though they don’t have the highest population. This means that to get from one place to another, a person has to travel farther as well.

One of the best bike trails right through the middle of the city is the Hike and Bike Trail. It combines walking, biking, jogging, is dog friendly, and it’s very peaceful even though it crosses through some very busy places. All along the route there are informative signs describing the various historical viewpoints, wildlife, and how the trail originated from train tracks.

This trail passes through quite a few separate parks where there are water fountains, benches, picnic tables, restrooms and other amenities to use as well. The trail is well lit and has plenty of joggers using it in the evenings after the sun goes down.

You can also use the Hike and Bike Trail to connect up to the White Oak Bayou Trail and then on to the Heights Trail to get all over the Houston area. There are several bike repair stations along the route where quick tire changes can be done. They even have a limited number of loaner tools to help you out.

One of the nice things about the trail is that it is paved and very well marked. When you’re approaching a busy crossing there will be signs alerting you so if you’re with children you have plenty of time to be cautious. There are also places where street crossing are very near fast food restaurants with easy access.

Whether you’re new to Houston or an experienced resident, there are a wide variety of things to do in and around the city that cost little to no money to experience. Bike riding is good for your body and mind, plus there are plenty of nice people all along the way too.

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